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Obesity Kills

An Increasing number of people all over the world today dies as a result of obesity, primarily due to wrong eating and insufficient physical activity.

Although this is true, still more people are overweight or even obese even though they do try eating the right nutritions.
And what can they do?

Some overweight people gets an operation; the "Gastric Band" operation - but far from all who needs it, gets it.

Thanks to Hypnosis though - they, and you, can get the "Hypnotic Gastric Band" that works wonders with your mind in only three HypnoTherapy sessions!

Oh - by the way - did you know that many overweight people - especially women (sorry ladies) gains weight as a result of a somewhat traumatized childhood/youth? (Source: Michigan State University, Hui Liu, article in "Social Science & medicine").
Only a HypnoTherapist may effectively treat these people!

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When going for Weight Loss/Weight Control using the Hypnotic Gastric Band Formula, The Full HGB Package consists of three sessions.

Hence, "The Full HGB Package" is 3 Sessions.

The HGB Formula does not provide single sessions as they would render insufficient in the Weight Loss Program, and You really should get the Results You are looking for!

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Inaction creates nothing. Action creates success.

Stephen Richards

Sessions Success Rates

Psychoanalysis (600 sessions)38%
Behavioral therapy (22 sessions)72%
HypnoTherapy (6 sessions)93%
The above infographic shows success rates in comparison between regular sessions. A lot has happened in hypnosis since then!
Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 1970

Gastric Band operation - and Hypnotic Gastric Band

What does it mean?


The "conventional" Gastric band operation was "invented" by doctors, and is an clinical operation used on overweight/obese people. In short, the operation tightens the patients stomach in a way so that the patient will feel full earlier when eating, resulting in a lesser intake of foods.

Using the Hypnotic version of the Gastric Band, no clinical intervention is performed.
Instead, the unconsciousness mind is being worked on, allowing you to "think" that your stomach has been shrinked which again automatically makes you eat less.

There exist several versions of this "Hypnotic Gastric Band" hypnosis treatment, and here at HypnoticGastricBand.eu - performed through HypnoTerapi.eu - the coursework of the international renowned Martin Castor Peterson, Master Trainer of The Hypno Academy (US, UK, DK) is being used, ensuring you only the newest and well-proven techniques.

Although personal attendance is always recommended during hypnosis sessions, the sessions can also be performed over the Internet, using e.g. Skype.


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Masterclass HypnoTherapist
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Hypnotic Gastric Band
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